About Us

IYSACO is a family owned enterprise located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi commerce registration code is #1131047809, Date 8/10/1992. IYSACO’s headquarters is located in the city of Buraydah within the Qassim Province. For the past 10 years, IYSACO has established its portfolio within the petroleum and gas commodities trading industry. We deal with several products such as Crude Oil, D2/1-Diesel, JP54/A1 for aviation, Mazut-100, LNG and several other products of petroleum. The Executive Vice President of IYSACO heads this division with over 30 years of experience working directly within the refineries and petrochemical industry. The EVP’s knowledge and leadership has added another dimension to the growth within IYSACO’S petroleum and gases market division. This knowledge complements our company with the trading and marketing of this business. In the last ten years, IYSACO has partnered with several companies worldwide and has utilized the EVP’s expertise and experience to expand significantly within a short period of time. IYSACO partners with International Companies in the petroleum market in sourcing commodities. These resources and expertise add strength to the IYSACO Company.

Mission Statement

IYSACO Company is to provide the highest quality services to our customers, with honestly. The company is committed to maintain the high level of integrity and reputation. We believe this because of our staff and crew experience, our commitment to ethics, with considerations for the safety and environment.

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